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My Journey to Becoming a Therapy Dog: One Paw Step at a Time

Hi there, furry friends and humans alike! I'm Eddings, and I'm on an exciting path to become a therapy dog at McNab Wellness. I want to share my story with you, from my very own pawspective. It's been a journey filled with treats, tail wags, and lots of learning.

Learning the Art of "Stay"

One of my first lessons in doggy school, under the loving guidance of my mom and dad and the fantastic folks at Remi K-9 Academy, was learning the "stay" command. Oh boy, it was not as easy as it sounds! At first, I had to stay put for what felt like an eternity (but it was actually just 3 seconds). Gradually, I worked up to 5 seconds, then 10 seconds. I had to resist every urge to jump up and give my humans a big, slobbery kiss!

Mastering Distance and Overcoming Distractions

Once I got the hang of staying for a bit, my trainers added a new twist - distance. They would step away from me, first just 3 steps, then 5, and finally 10. I had to stay put, even though all I wanted was to run over and play. But I knew I had to focus and remember my training.

The biggest challenge? Staying put even when my favorite people were around. It's tough when you love your humans so much, but I learned to control my excitement and stay calm. I’m not just a fluffy face; I’ve got the brains too!

My View on Change and Growth

You know, being a pup isn't all that different from being a human. We all have to learn new things and grow, one step at a time. For me, it's learning commands like "stay," but for you, it might be something else. The important thing is to keep trying, even if it's just a little bit each day.

I've learned that it's okay not to get everything right the first time. Sometimes, I still get the urge to break my stay, but then I remember the treats and belly rubs that come with doing a good job. So, I keep my furry bottom on the ground and my eyes on the prize!

Looking Forward to a Future of Helping and Healing

I'm still in training, but I dream about the day when I can use my skills to help people feel better. Whether it's bringing a smile to someone's face in a hospital or comforting a child in a school, I'm ready to spread love and joy wherever I go.

So, my friends, that's my story so far. Remember, whether you're a human or a pup, change happens one paw step at a time. Keep moving forward, and don't forget to enjoy the journey – it’s full of surprises and treats along the way!

Woof and wags, Eddings 🐾

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