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 At McNab Wellness, we don't believe good health is a mixture of genetics and luck. We believe that good health is built. 

Your body was designed to maintain health. The key is partnering with your body on that journey and supporting good health by optimizing your lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, creating a happy, healthy body can be a challenging journey to take on your own. A knowledgeable healthcare provider who can mentor you makes it much more manageable.


Dr. Rob McNab has personally seen the effects lifestyle medicine can have, having once struggled with health concerns, such as coronary artery disease,high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.  By focusing on evidence-based methods, he created a solid foundation for health in his own life. Now, he wants to do the same thing for his patients. 

He established McNab Wellness with the philosophy that robust health is available for every person at every age and every level of function. Getting older doesn't have to mean feeling old. You can do things that will help you expand your sense of well-being, improve your health, and break the cycle of illness and treatment for a lifetime. By foregoing the traditional primary care model, Dr. McNab has become a coach, partner, and mentor to patients seeking to improve their health and live a life where they feel their very best. 

Create the optimal diet

Improve your sleep hygiene

Decrease reliance on medications

Plan for activity and exercise

Lose weight and gain lean muscle mass

Decrease stress and anxiety levels

 Get the Fundamentals Right with the Help of a Lifestyle Doctor

Good health doesn't take care of itself. But you can create a solid foundation for health by creating a lifestyle that supports it. This can help you become more resilient to illness and prepared for a lifetime of good health. Lifestyle medicine is about helping you learn the foundations of good health and put them into practice by creating healthy habits you carry throughout your life. 

By limiting the number of people accepted in the practice, Dr. McNab has more time to devote to each patient. This allows you to form a relationship with your healthcare provider like you've never had before. You'll be able to talk about your wellness goals and actually be heard and coached on how to achieve them.

This is the way healthcare should work. Teaching you how to care for your body, so you prevent illness and disease and have the resilience to overcome them. 


Let's break the cycle of reactionary medicine and start optimizing your lifestyle choices together. Contact McNab Wellness to sign up as a patient and start your monthly membership to access our lifestyle medicine services and unlock better health.

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