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McNab Wellness Pricing and Services


Our direct care services provide higher quality of care and a better patient experience.

Patients of McNab Wellness pay one monthly fee for all of their primary, preventive and foundational care needs. Our comprehensive direct care services model covers routine care for minor illnesses as well as personalized care for chronic conditions. There is no insurance paperwork, red tape, or endless billing. The simplified cash pay system allows us to elevate healthcare to what it should be: focused on your foundational wellness and care. You get personalized healthcare based on you, your needs, and your goals.

Say goodbye to reactionary medicine that treats symptoms, not causes. Say hello to healthcare where your primary care doctor becomes a partner in better well-being. This is the healthcare you always wished you had, and now you can. Learn how to become a member of McNab Wellness and access our direct care services. 

Our Simplified Direct Pay Model





 Fine Print: $675 monthly membership fees for individuals 

$1250 monthly membership fees for couples (defined as cohabitating adults)

Office-based procedures, labs, studies  vaccinations, and medications provided at cost

​When you sign up for a membership to McNab Wellness, you'll have 30 days to opt out before committing to a 12-month contract. Your membership includes numerous benefits, including nutritional counseling, primary care services, and more.  

Our simplified healthcare model creates more opportunities for patient education and coaching, so you get the solutions you need to help you establish better lifelong, healthy habits. You'll also get the treatment you need for illnesses and chronic conditions in a supportive and comfortable environment. One monthly payment unlocks your access to McNab Wellness and a primary care doctor who can partner with you in establishing better healthcare solutions.

Lifestyle Consultation Services

Ready to unlock access to better healthcare?

Contact our practice if you'd like to become a patient of Dr. McNab's. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the membership process and help you set up your first appointment. We limit our patient numbers to ensure we can deliver the kind of care you truly deserve, so sign up soon to experience the next evolution of healthcare. 

Access All McNab Wellness Membership

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Other Primary Care Clinics

Unlimited office visits

Contact Dr. McNab by phone, email or text

Same-day appointments

Urgent care services

Labs and imaging at cost

Home visits

Foundational care

Acute sick care

Hospital care

Chronic disease management 

Vaccinations at cost 

Cancer screening

Osteopathic manipulative therapy

and other office-based procedures

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