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McNab Wellness Longevity Membership

These services are designed to offer comprehensive care, combining modern technology with personalized attention to foster better health outcomes. 

Monthly In-Body Scan

This service allows for a detailed analysis of the body's composition, providing insights into muscle mass, fat percentage, and other vital metrics. It's a great tool for tracking physical changes and adjusting health plans accordingly.

Monthly Check-In with Dr. McNab

A 30-minute session each month offers personalized attention, allowing patients to discuss their health progress, concerns, and adjust their health plans under professional guidance.

Flexible Communication: Patients can reach out to Dr. McNab or Elizabeth through text, email, or calls during office hours. This ensures that professional advice is just a message or call away, facilitating better management of health concerns.

 Activity and Nutrition Planning

Monthly planning sessions, coupled with ongoing access to a specialized app, provide structured guidance in these two crucial areas. This support is essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Cancer Screening Access

 Yearly access to the Galleri Cancer Screening Test 


MyRisk Cancer Genetic Screening Test adds an extra layer of preventive care

Coaching Sessions

The package includes an annual 60-minute “Imagine your Best Self” session and monthly 30-minute sessions. These sessions are pivotal in setting personal goals and strategies for achieving them.

Discounts and Waivers

Patients receive a 10% discount on additional services like Yoga, OMM, and various health programs. Furthermore, lab draw fees are waived, reducing the overall cost of maintaining health.

Regular Health Assessments

Quarterly Vo2 Max Assessments and Annual EKG, Point of Care Ultrasound, and Functional Motion Screens are part of the service. These assessments are crucial for monitoring various health aspects and preventing potential issues.

 Follow-up lab work is not included in the membership and Galleri Testing comes at an additional cost, although the lab draw fees for these tests are waived.  Comprehensive Lifestyle Consultation within the last 12 months required for membership.

$135 month

Call today and set up an introductory visit.  
Wellness Services

Comprehensive Lifestyle Consultation



Direct Primary Care



Health and Wellbeing Coaching


 Fitness Evaluation: VO2 Max


Cognitive Behavorial Therapy for Insomnia


Diabetes Remission and Reversal Program



Longevity Membership


Yoga Mat


Contact us today for additional details on our programs and inclusions in our package deals! 

McNab Wellness Direct Primary Care Subscription

​Healthcare Provider Accessibility

Patients have direct access to a Nurse Practitioner or Dr. McNab during regular office hours for consultations and care. Please note that responses to after-hours inquiries may be delayed. In the event of an emergency, we urge you to call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room for immediate

Foundational Care Services

Nutrition Counseling: Receive dietary advice designed to enhance your health and manage conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Stress Management Strategies: Learn effective techniques to reduce stress and its impact on your overall health.

Activity Counseling: Obtain  guidance on physical activity that aligns with your health status and personal fitness goals.

Sleep Hygiene Counseling: Explore strategies to enhance sleep quality, a vital component of your overall well-being.

Preventative Care

Cancer Screening and Wellness Visits: Regular screenings and wellness checks to identify health issues at an early stage, enhancing the effectiveness of treatment.

Specialized Annual Tests: Access to advanced diagnostic options such as the Galleri Cancer Screening Test and MyRisk Cancer Genetic Screening Tests, available at an additional cost to further tailor your preventive care.

Primary and Chronic Disease Care

Acute Outpatient Care: Prompt and effective treatment for immediate health issues, ensuring swift resolution and recovery.

Chronic Disease Management: Comprehensive management plans that focus on lifestyle modifications, aimed at managing and potentially reversing chronic health conditions.

Office-Based Procedures

We offer a comprehensive range of procedures, including laceration repair, skin biopsies, and joint injections, designed to meet diverse healthcare needs onsite.

For musculoskeletal issues, we provide physical medicine and osteopathic manipulative therapy to enhance mobility and alleviate pain.

Additional procedures available include EKGs, ear lavage, and the removal of moles or skin tags, ensuring a full spectrum of primary care services

Prompt Care and Accessibility

 We offer same-day appointments, including urgent care services, to ensure timely and efficient response to your healthcare needs.

Hospital Care

Should you require in-hospital care, it is available at an additional cost. This crucial aspect of comprehensive care extends beyond the typical Direct Primary Care model to ensure continuity and breadth of treatment when needed.

Costs and Billing

$135 month

While the subscription fee covers many routine services, additional charges apply for imaging, lab tests, medications, and medical supplies.

We ensure transparency in billing; all additional charges will be clearly discussed before any procedures are performed, and patients can request a good faith estimate of these costs.

Ready to unlock access to better healthcare?

Contact our practice if you'd like to become a patient of Dr. McNab's. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the membership process and help you set up your first appointment.  

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