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Finding the Path of Wellness

Maybe you are like me.

I made it to my forties. I was fairly successful in general: good job, great spouse, and wonderful kids.

But I began to notice, I didn’t feel as young as I thought I should. Worse yet, the mirror was pointing out a few changes-- it seemed there was “Dad-bod” where I thought I should be!

Things also began to “happen” to me in my forties. My lower back decided to be an issue. An achy pain had begun to crop up a few times a year, slowing me down. A routine visit to my doctor added high cholesterol and prediabetes to my list of woes. The icing on the cake was a cardiac scan showing a mild blockage building up in a major artery to my heart!

Now, that really got my attention. My family is full of diabetics and heart disease. My Dad had his first heart attack in his early forties. Was this to be my fate too?

Honestly, I got a little scared. Maybe I was not going to be bullet proof after all. Maybe falling apart in middle age is a thing we all have to face.

Then, I got angry! This is unacceptable!

If I’m going down, I'm going down fighting!

Here is the kicker about all of this--I am a doctor! I have spent more than twenty years in health care! I have taken care of folks with every kind of disease you can imagine. I know all the good medicines, all the good surgeries--all of it. How the heck could this be happening?

This led my wife, Elizabeth, and I on a six year journey of health discovery. We wanted to know: what COULD we do to improve our health, to feel younger, to have more vitality to spend with our kids and grandkids. How do we have the energy to see the world and do all the things we, just like you, had put off because we were busy raising our kids and paying our bills.

Now, I am fifty-one. My back feels great, my cholesterol is low and my prediabetes is gone. The blockage in my heart has been fought to a standstill! Best of all, my "Dad-bod" has been replaced with something. . .much better (the wife seems much happier and me too).

So, if my story is your story, then I will share with you what Elizabeth and I did and continue do as a couple to get our health back. Step by step. If you are looking for a path to bring you back to feeling good. I will help you.

Let’s get started.

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