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Giving Thanks!

I thought I would reach out early in the week and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Of all the holidays we have enshrined, I think Thanksgiving has to be amongst the noblest.

The desire to shine a light on the twin concepts of being thankful ( i.e. gratitude) and giving to others, speaks to the best parts of each of us.

I truly believe it is physiologically impossible to be simultaneously grateful and angry. If your circumstances are bringing you down, write up a quick list of things you are grateful for! It could be anything, your health, or being surrounded by people that love you and care for you, or opportunities and challenges. As people, we spend an inordinate amount of time focused on what we do not have and being envious of those who seem to have more than us. We do ourselves a disservice when we forget to look at what we do have and compare it to those with less. As the wise philosopher Sheryl Crow sang, "It's not, getting what you want...It's wanting what you have".

Giving is a great vehicle for developing happiness and a sense of well-being.

I have read spirituality can be described as the giving of yourself to a cause bigger than yourself. That bigger cause can come in many forms and is probably different for each of us. We seem to need purpose in our lives to feel contentment. The giving of yourself in time, focus, energy, empathy, material goods, money, or sweat, regardless of the denomination. is an investment in your purpose. In looking at where we all are, what we are dealing with, and what has come before, if ever there has been a time for all of us to refocus on being thankful and the giving of ourselves to those who are in need, that time is surely now. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Safe travels and know I am grateful to have you all in my life!

Rob McNab

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