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Putting the Health Back into Healthcare

Partnering to Shape a Fulfilling Life


Welcome to McNab Wellness

 Our wellness center serves a select group of patients in the Joplin area, focusing on longevity medicine.  Dr. Rob McNab is passionate about educating patients about how healthy habits can result in lifelong wellness. The evidence-based guidance we offer allows us to partner with patients in an exciting new way. We're moving away from reactionary healthcare that treats symptoms, not causes. Instead, we work closely with our patients to help them transform their health and create a solid foundation for well-being throughout their lives.


Elevating the Patient's Experience in Healthcare

Your healthcare provider shouldn't only be there when illness arises. They should be partners, coaches, and mentors in all things wellness. Dr. McNab is providing the next evolution in healthcare by delivering proactive evidence based longevity guidance.

A partner in wellness who can be there when you need them
Personalized healthcare advice based on your needs and goals
No more rushed appointments

About Us


Dr. Robert McNab


Dr. Rob McNab is a practicing internist in Joplin. He's been a longtime advocate for patient empowerment through education and became even more passionate about lifestyle medicine interventions after experiencing their effect on his own life.


Elizabeth Love


Elizabeth Love has spent 20 years delivering acute care as a registered nurse in various critical care settings, she is now excited to be empowering patients with lifestyle interventions.

Explore Our Direct Primary Care, Longevity and Wellness Services

By paying a set monthly fee, patients at McNab Wellness have access to premium healthcare. Along with the time, counseling, and advice you need to unlock better health, our office provides: 

Foundational care to develop better habits

Health and Wellbeing Coaching 

Diabetes Reversal and Remission

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Full Plate Healthy Lifestyle Classes

Discover Healthcare As It Should Be with McNab Wellness

Give yourself the gift of good health. Let Dr. McNab become a partner who can help you empower  your life choices, overcome health challenges, and move forward feeling your best. Our patient centered longevity care can help you unlock greater life satisfaction through a new approach in Joplin. Contact our office today to discuss how you can become a client of McNab Wellness. 

McNab Wellness | Expert Healthcare and Wellness Services

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine for Your Wellbeing

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